Download Divine Free Edition

To download Divine, click here.

To create a WordPress theme, you need to do the following:

  1. Launch Photoshop.
  2. Open ready-made template. You can download it from “Themes” page.
  3. Start Divine plugin from Photoshop Menu:
    • Divine > Publish
    • File > Automate > Divine
  4. Set main elements for the WordPress theme.
  5. Set additional elements for the page.
  6. Launch export. The “Publish” button.

See more details in “Tutorials – Quick start guide
You may also watch tutorials in the “How it works” section.
Note: Divine was developed as the plugin for the popular editor Photoshop only.

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  1. Good news! Now you have a chance to try yourself in Divine Elemente Edition (formerly Divine Personal one). You’ll find new functionality of this edition testing all interesting features of Divine plugin.

    So, beta testing has already started. Want to join? More details at:

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