Apple tient sa popularité de sa qualité

Et ce n’est pas une idiotie que de le dire, contrairement à ce que disent tous les anti-Apple. Et non, la popularité d’Apple tient justement au fait que ses produits ont une longévité supérieure à celle de ses concurrents, ce qui se traduit directement par une valeur accrue sur la marché de l’occasion.

Comme le dit très bien John Gruber :

If your car breaks down after just a few years, are you not more likely to replace it with a different brand? To posit that Apple customers are somehow different, that when they feel screwed by Apple their response is to go back for more, is “Cult of Mac” logic — the supposition that most Apple customers are irrational zealots or trend followers who just mindlessly buy anything with an Apple logo on it. The truth is the opposite: Apple’s business is making customers happy, and keeping them happy. They make products for discriminating people who have higher standards and less tolerance for design flaws or problems.